Wilson Property RPM is 100% dedicated to Property management, great news for landlords and tenants alike!

Wilson Property is the culmination of owners Ben and Sheree Wilson’s long held desire to establish a specialised Property Management company that’s sole focus is Property Management. It goes without saying that when you require an expert to list, lease and manage your investment property, you should select an agency that “specialises” in just that. The main benefit of a Property Management “only” office is the fact that our company focuses 100 per cent to succeed at just one objective: managing your asset.  With the ability, clarity and focus on one goal, our business model has shown success in achieving that goal, as we perform better than anyone who multi-tasks and covers many facets of real estate.

Over many years we have recruited and retained the best Property Managers boasting over 46 years’ experience in Property Management.  This experience, supported by highly qualified administration will ensure you receive the very best service you deserve.