Giving Notice

If you wish to vacate the property, you must provide our office with at least 28 days written notice, that cannot expire earlier than the end of your Residential Tenancy Agreement (if applicable). Once you have provided our office with your written notice, we will confirm your intentions in writing, and schedule a Final Inspection on the last day of your notice period.

Property Inspections

We will advertise the property for re-leasing immediately in order to secure a new tenant as soon as possible. We aim to give you more than 24 hours’ notice of any inspections; however this is not always possible. We ask for your full co-operation with these appointments.

Cleaning The Property

You will be provided with a Vacate Cleaning Checklist which details the steps required to ensure your property is left in the same condition that it was at the commencement of your tenancy. You are required to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned (with a copy of the receipt provided to our office), and flea bomb the property if you have had pets.

We recommend Mayfair Carpet & Tile Cleaning, who can also assist you with the general cleaning of the property. You can contact Craig on 5174 6555. A full list of recommended trade’s people will be supplied to you to make the move as easy as possible.


It is very important that all of the keys provided to you at the commencement of the tenancy, plus any copies you have made, are returned at the time of the Final Inspection, or no later than close of business on the date of the Final Inspection.